Saturday, May 5, 2012

Try as I might, I can't like him any more

No, this is not a political post, although it could have been. It's a sports post. I try, I really try, but I no longer like Tiger Woods. When he first shook up the golf world, I thought we had a real role model for golfers of all ages. And he was for the longest time. Then, his personal and physical problems got in the way of being a role model and playing great golf.

Too many have already commented on the lies Tiger led. I don't want to repeat them here. I hoped he would come out of those problems, rehab his lower body and get his head back in the game. He hasn't.

He played really well just before the Masters. He won his first tournament in ages. And when his game left him in Augusta, he became a role model of the wrong kind. He cursed. He slammed his clubs into the ground. He threw at least one club. I was embarrassed by his behavior.

He didn't make the cut this week. Same crappy behavior. If he were a kid, he'd be in a time-out for violating the rules of golf, one of which is to behave with decorum.

I thought a lot about Tiger's career. It's hard to remember when he played with joy like so many of the younger players do today. He doesn't look like he's having fun. He walks the courses like a robot, growling and glowering, looking for the game he had a dozen years ago. He won't find it in the rough. He can only find it between his ears. He sure isn't looking there.

I really try to like him. I can't. I wonder what Pops would think if he watched his son play today. I'm glad he's not green-side any longer. He'd be in tears.


Sally Roseveare said...

You're right-on, Betsy. I feel the same about Tiger, really liked him at one time.

J. R. Nova said...

I really believe that when people try to find moral role models in athletes they're barking up the wrong tree. Athletes have never been moral, and fans are disappointed more often than not.

Now if you want a role model for what "not" to do, or for what to do to get to the top in life, there's plenty to offer. But for morals?

Show me a righteous young man and I'll show you someone who took a wrong turn in middle age. It's really unfair to hold them to that high standard, but I guess people will do it.

Betsy Ashton said...

You know, JR,you have a great point on role models. I didn't set Tiger up as a role model; he set himself up. And then he crashed. More to the point, I can forgive, but not forget, what he did if he returned to golf and treated it with respect. Watching him or anyone else growl and curse isn't entertaining. And I wish CBS and NBC would keep the cameras off them while their misbehaving. The game and the fans deserve better.