Monday, January 23, 2012

Spare Me Your Proselytizing

Not everyone will agree with this post. I understand. I know I'll be stepping on toes, but I'm not going to stop writing it.

Please, do not to use "Christian" in every sentence. Listen to our politicians who say each is the only true Christian in the Republican race. Rick Santorum calls himself a true evangelical Christian. Newt Gingrich calls himself the only true conservative--read "Christian"-- who can get elected. Mitt Romney avoids any discussion of religion, because too many do not understand Mormonism. And Ron Paul just avoids the whole sticky mess.

It's not just the politicians. I was at three different lunch meetings recently where people were introduced as true Christians. Yes, these were secular luncheons. One speaker talked about how the Constitution established the U.S. as a Christian nation. Not true. Not in the Constitution, but that one myth impossible to erase.

Don't get me wrong. I respect your beliefs, even when or if they don't mirror mine. What I dislike intensely is the overuse of the word "Christian" or crediting God with everything. My friends who have different beliefs feel marginalized when they hear such statements. No one says, that's really Jewish of her. Or, she acts like a good Muslim. What about, his behavior represents his Buddhist beliefs.

You wouldn't like it, I bet. I don't like it when you push your beliefs on me. And it's not just being a Christian. People have the audacity to ask me what church I belong to, if they don't see me at their church. There is a reason that the Constitution separated Church and State, did not define our country by any one religion, and protected our rights to worship/believe as each citizen saw fit.

It can really be a minor action that irritates. My former auto mechanic wrote "Jesus loves you" on the back of my annual inspection sticker. A local bookstore owner subjects all patrons to a sermon on her beliefs. Alas, I no longer shop at the only indie bookstore in a 25-mile radius. It goes on and on.

I feel judged negatively if I don't respond in kind with validation of someone's Christian values. I have strong values. I am very spiritual I don't push my values on anyone. For me, it's enough to live them, not brag about them.