Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Confusion

Mocha here. I have no idea what Halloween is. My humans don't do much to celebrate. My human mom hung a witch on the door. It's not even scary, if that was her plan. I think she looks funny. She's too far off the floor for me to play with. Was that part of my human mom's idea?? I was not amused.

We live in the country, so little kids didn't dress up and go door-to-door asking for treats. My human dad bought one bag of treats for himself. Meh! But, my human mom made sure I got my crunchy treats last night.

Two days ago, my human mom scared me. She walked around the house with a yellow stuffed animal on her head. She said it was her costume and that she was dressed as Trump. What's a Trump? My human dad thought she'd lost her mind. She said the costume was easy to wear. So there!

All day, my human mom worked at her computer. She does this every day, all day long. Except when she stops to scratch my ears and let me play innie-outie at the door. I love going outside. I love coming back inside. Sometimes I'm out only a few minutes. My human mom says I should be named Patricia Finnegan, because when I go out, I want to come in again. I'm always on the wrong side of the door. She's wrong. I'm Mocha. Don't even try changing my name.

I looked out the window last night. Sometimes a little black kitten comes to visit. My human mom calls him the interloper. I think he wants to play, but when he comes over to visit, he runs when he sees me. So, of course, I chase him. I just want to play, too. He didn't come over last night. I watched and watched. I don't know who was on the deck, but my human mom took this picture. What do you think it is?

I hope you had a happy Halloween. I think it's a kitty celebration. I got the treats I wanted. And I didn't have to play any tricks. Except prairie dogging this morning to wake my humans up.