Friday, September 9, 2011

Smooth Operator

Have all of you noticed the hypocritical stance our elected officials have been taking in the past week? I'm thinking of four natural events that have "encouraged" state officials holding out their hands for Federal handouts.

Let's start with Eric Cantor, not to be confused with Eddie Cantor. Although... Cantor did a pratfall recently. The Grinch has a verbal tic. If you ask him about Federal funds for anything, his response is to say we have to offset a dollar spent with a dollar removed from the budget. Including relief money for FEMA for hurricane and earthquake damage. For his own state. I guess no one told him that Obama called Governor McDonnell with an offer of a few billion for Hurricane Irene and earthquake damage. McDonnell took the money. Oops.

Rick Perry makes headlines about not wanting any Federal aid for anything. Part of his platform. Obama called him and offered aid to fight the fires and rebuild afterwards. Did that plank just get a little wobbly?

He's still waiting to hear from the governor of New Jersey. My bet? When the call comes, the governor be wanting the money. Ya think????

Is Obama a smooth operator or what? He reaches out to Virginia with Federal aid, thereby undermining Cantor. He reaches out to Perry, thereby undermining one of the larger planks of the tea party.