Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Donner, Party of Six

If we studied US history, we should remember the Donner Party, that doomed group of travelers who found themselves trapped in the deep snows of what is now Donner Pass. We all know what happened.

The same thing happened yesterday in the Iowa caucuses (or should that be caw-cuses?). Six went in. Three were strong. One was clinging by a thread. Two were the walking dead. The one clinging by a thread broke Ronald Reagan's cardinal rule: never speak ill of your fellow Republicans.

It was bound to happen, since Iowa is a winnowing process. With Tuesday giving the voters a chance to speak, much was on the line, according to the politicos and the pundits. Early in the day, Mean Newt showed up and called Romney a liar. Twice. He just couldn't help himself.

ABM candidate Santorum had a very strong showing, scaring the sh** out of Romney, who beat him by eight votes. Not percent. Votes.

So, Mitt and ABM Santorum came away in a virtual tie with 25% each. Ron Paul came in second with 21%, showing that his message continues to meet approval of many voters. Mean Newt should be embarrassed with 13%, although his spin doctors will say he wasn't "really" campaigning in Iowa. And the walking dead? Perry and Bachman should drop out, although that would leave us with no one to laugh at. Until Mean Newt opens his mouth today.

If this were a restaurant, we'd hear Donner, Party of Six. Donner, Party of Five.

Can't wait to see what happens next.