Friday, April 1, 2011

Wishes for a Child New Born

Terry and I are blessed. Our first grandchild has made his way into the world on his own terms. Howard Marshall Eriksen was scheduled to arrive by C-section on March 22, but when our daughter Aleta went into labor on Sunday, March 20, the doctors decided the kid was ready. So, on his own terms, Howie arrived.

Mother and child are doing fine. Dad Neal is, too. All three are sleep-deprived. The doctors decided that Howie should eat every two hours around the clock. That meant someone had to bring the baby to Aleta so she could feed him. Neal's mother Mary lives nearby and stepped in to help. Aleta says Howie is a lazy eater and sometimes falls asleep at the breast. She has discovered breast-feeding is not for the faint of heart.

Now that we have a grandchild, I made a few wishes for his future.

1. I wish Howie live in a world where we no longer judge people by the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their religion. Peel off the external trappings like skin and clothing, and we are all the same. I hope Howie is able to see the worth of each individual, not some external symbol someone says we must fear.
2. I wish Howie live in a world without war. Probably not possible, but if he follows my first wish then he has a chance to live out my second wish.
3. I wish Howie live in a world where rich and poor become closer together. If we can mitigate the broad discrepancies between wealth and lack of wealth, maybe the world can live in peace.
4. I wish Howie live in a world that can feed its population. Without enough food and water for all, wishes one, two and three aren't likely to come to fruition.
5. I wish Howie to have the love of family. That's pretty much a no-brainer. He has that and always will. It will give him strength and a sense of well-being.
6. I wish Howie live up to his potential. No matter what that potential may be, Howie should have the chance to be his best. Maybe that's a president of the U.S. Maybe it's as an educator. Maybe it's as a laborer. I wish he have the choice and that he have the courage to live out his potential.

I have other wishes, but these will do for now.