Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aunties and Uncles and Writing

Yesterday, my forever human parents, Betsy and Terry, had a party for me. I was so excited. Last year, they had a party about the same time, but they didn't invite me. I had just joined their family as their forever kitty. They weren't sure if lots of people would upset me. It probably would, but not this year.

This year, I got to come. When the first people arrived, I watched from a safe spot under a Chinese bench. There weren't too many, so I came out. Before I knew it, Auntie Betty Franklin petted me. This was good. And then Uncle Dick Raymond petted me. And the more aunties and uncles petted me. I felt a bit sad because last year I didn't get any pets. This year, I got more than I could count.

Sometimes, too many people were in the living room. I needed a bit of a time out, so I retreated to the top of the stairs where I could watch over everything going on below. When I thought people were missing me, I went back down. I sniffed everything on the floor. Lots of my aunties have kitties at home, but some had dogs. Yuck.

I was the life of the party. I didn't meow or get under foot, but whenever anyone held out a hand I was right there to receive my due rewards of pets and ear skritches.

My human parents said this was a party for the Valley Writers. I want to join. I'm a writer, too. How do I join? Do you have to vote me in? If so, please vote me in. I have a lot to say.

This morning, I told my forever humans several cute stories from the party. At 4 am.


C. Neuroticus Absolutus said...

Meeooowww! Mocha will recognize that as an affirmative vote. Looking forward to more of Mocha's stories. As good as a fly on the wall, maybe better.

Cherie Reich said...

I vote yes, or meow, as well. :) It was so lovely to meet Mocha in person.