Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Politics of the Absurd

If you want to watch what happens when all bodies of government are controlled by a single party, doesn't matter which one, just watch Virginia. It's a microcosm of politics of the absurd.

Our governor, Bob McDonnell, gave his state of the state address last week where he called on the legislature to work together for the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He asked the state senate, which is evenly split between two parties, to put aside their differences and work to move our state forward. 'Course, he may be running for Vice President...

Wonderful words, but meaningless. Our lieutenant governor, Bill Bolling, wasn't paying any attention when he approved Republicans to head every major committee. Yes, there is a 50-50 split, but Bolling casts the tiebreaker. He started the session by putting his brand of Republicans in charge of the major committees, even though there were many Democrats with seniority and half the seats.

Don't forget the attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, who hates everything Democratic and everything Obama.

So if you think there is anyway this divided country can work together for the benefit of the country, think again. Just watch Virginia. You won't need MapQuest to see where this road leads.


Franz X Beisser said...

Hi Betsy,
You know I don't agree with you. I don't want to get into it. :)

Austin James said...

Having witnessed both American politics and Canadian politics at work, I have to say I love living in a country that has three major political parties (even if I can't vote here yet)... It really does cut down on partisan politics and when I can vote - it's going to be so strange, because I'm going to have to make a choice based on who I like most. When I vote absentee in American elections I always end up picking who I dislike the least.