Sunday, September 4, 2011

Schizophrenic No Longer

For a while now I've felt that this blog had a split personality. On the one side, I write a fair amount about writers, books I read, books I review and thoughts about what's it like to be an aspiring writer. As a result, I've attracted some followers of like mode.

On the other side, I write about politics, the world around us, and cats. When my calico was writing for herself, she was properly snarky, as only a calico-with-an-attitude can be. Took after her female human.

I decided to divide the blog. MadMaxisms remains political. It will often have a snarky voice, sometimes cranky, sometimes thoughtful.

The new blog is the writing blog. Called WriteNowRightNow, it contains book reviews, thoughts about writing and rewriting, a chronology of my efforts to get Mad Max 1 published.

Some of you may wish to follow only one blog. Others may wish to follow both. I hope you find something in each that gives you a view into the crazy workings of my mind.

And to begin MadMaxisms's more focused life, has anyone else noticed that Republican governors who loudly screamed that we need less government in Washington were the first to hold out their hands for FEMA funds? If this isn't an ideological about- face, what is? Everyone is against "big government" until they need a handout.

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Franz X Beisser said...

Need a handout, is the key. A big difference than being a perpetual piglet sucking the government sow.