Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Solstice

Ah, the summer solstice came yesterday. I'd planned my normal Druid dance to celebrate. Because I was working all day, I wanted to dance at dark, several hours after the true solstice.

I could have been dancing at 5 pm. Why? On the longest day of the year, it was almost completely dark by 4:30. Overhead was a thunderstorm. I don't dance when there is lightning. I thought I'd wait. Two and a half hours and two and a half inches of rain, later, it was still dark, still rainy, and still too dangerous to dance outside.

So much for the summer solstice. So much for dancing. Pooh.


Jennifer Merritt said...

You should never skip a chance to dance in the rain!

Betsy Ashton said...

You are so right, Jennifer. I wussed out!

Franz X Beisser said...

Save your dance. Make it a rain dance. I'm sure we going to need a few as the summer progresses.

As for the true dance, it should be in your heart. Rejoice in the blessings of the day!