Monday, January 10, 2011

Theater of the Absurd

You all know I'm a news and political junkie. I watched some of the opening of Congress and loved the theater of reading the Constitution. I did bother me that one person was so ill-informed that s/he didn't know two pages were stuck together, but I chalked it up to plain ignorance. Maybe reading the Constitution will help some.

Then, there is the non-debate over repeal of the health care bill. Oh, sorry, the Obama Job Killing Health Care Act. Two paragraphs that offer nothing to replace flawed law. Repeal would take away help for seniors in closing the donut hole, would drop everyone older than 21 from a parental health plan and would kick children with pre-existing conditions back into health care limbo.

That's what this is all about. Drama. No plan. Just pandering to part of the populace. And it's only theater. It'll play in the House, not in the Senate, not even in Peoria.

I got to thinking about plans and programs. No one seems to have a plan on how to fix anything. I do. I have an idea on how to fix the problem with the 99ers, those people who've been out of work for more than 99 weeks and who are drawing unemployment insurance.

I want each of us who have a job to adopt a 99er. That 99er would move into my house, where I would supply room and board. The 99er would have chores and tasks and one more year to find a job. Any job. Any where. No more unemployment insurance during the adoption period. No food stamps. No drain on the Federal budget.

Yes, it would be a drain on my budget, but no one in Congress gives a damn about my budget. After all, it doesn't have a debt limit. My budget would be my problem, not the government's problem. I would provide a clean, well lighted place to live, the same food my husband and I eat and encouragement to apply for and get a job.

Simple solution. As easy as when I proposed we solve two problems with one program: we feed the homeless to the hungry. But that wasn't well received. Somehow, I don't think "adopt a 99er" will be well received either.

At least I have a damned idea.


Cathy Kennedy said...

You're thinking...I'll give you that much, Betsy. Those who set up in DC on both sides of the political table aren't doing much of that these days, except how to spend our money.

One thing is to cut out all these hand-outs to illegals. If they want to be in this country then go through the proper channels and then get A JOB!

Next, is to have every welfare recipent to take drug testing. Certain parts of the country there is a strong link to welfare receipants and drug addicition. These derelicts usually set around on the cough all day smoking, or drinking, or watching TV on our dime...quarter now with inflation, right?

While they are at it, why not cut out food stamps altogether. Instead have food pantries set up to distribute to those who are in need and they can use the unemployed to run these facilities. Teach a man how to fish, right? The American people would get behind food pantires pretty easily, I believe donating goods or services, and I'd think businesses would, too.

Think about the fast food restaurants that throw out tons of perfectly good food every day. That's insane! Some do distribute to shut-ins, etc. But wouldn't be grand to do more with this?

The governement only feeds the disease of this country whhich allow slackers and low-lifes to breed upon creating more of their kind.

A plan that doesn't put us deeper under is what we need.

Betsy Ashton said...

Bravo, Cathy. I agree about the waste in America today. If we could just capture more in second harvests, it would help the hungry. I've volunteered in food banks. It's sad and heartwarming at the same time. Saddest when one of your neighbors comes in -- and you had no clue he was in distress. We must do more as neighbors, individuals, and companies and ask the government to do less.

Brenda Marroy said...

Betsy. Good post.

I'm sick of corporate greed and poisonous politics. Unless they outlaw lobbying, our politicians will continue to be owned by big business.

Big brother has dumbed us down, lulled us to sleep, and filled us with fear. What next? It looks like a grassroots movement is needed to restore sanity to America.

How do I subscribe to your blog? Help. I'm technically challenged and don't see a subscribe button to click on.

Bob Tarte said...

Thanks for mentioning my book "Enslaved by Ducks" in the sidebar. I hope you're enjoying it! - Bob Tarte

Betsy Ashton said...

How nice of you to reach out about our book, Enslaved by Ducks. Yes, I am enjoying it. In fact, stay tuned for a mini-review in a few days.