Saturday, May 23, 2009


{begin whine

My humans went away last weekend. Instead of quietly leaving me behind in my lovely house with my own food in a timed dish, they sent me to jail! They call it camp. It's jail, meow-it! I mean, it has bars and I can't run around outside or sleep on the floor or sneak a nap on the loveseat or drink from my own dish or anything. Why would anyone send me, such a cool cat, to jail?

My humans went to visit cousin Rosie. I admit she's cute and tiny and is allowed on any upholstered furniture. I will remind my humans that I am NOT allowed on upholstered furniture, so I have to sneak my naps.... Anyway, cousin Rosie is petite. She weighs less than ten pounds. If she came to see me, I'd squash her. I weigh a svelte fourteen. She says she has a sister O'Grady but my humans have only seen her once and doubt that she's real.

Leave it to say, I got even when my humans got home. My female human was working at her desk and my male human hadn't gotten up yet. (My female human gets up really early. I help. I meow her awake when I get hungry.) I went upstairs to wake up my male human. One warning meow didn't work. So I tossed my kibbies all over the carpet. Served him right!

They'll never leave me in jail again.

{end whine

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Anonymous said...

Other effective ploys are head-butting your humans when they're asleep. Or treading on them. I also like to rattle doors. This is pretty easy. Just stick your paw under the door, grab the bottom of the door, and shake it.

When all else fails, pee on something.I find that peeing under the refrigerator is particularly effective, although peeing on the computer screen is good, too.

—Dylan M. in Penhook