Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reoor! The Ultimate Insult

I thought going to the vet last week was the ultimate insult, but my female human outdid herself last night.

It was warm and I was bored inside. I'd had two lap naps, one on each human's lap, all the head noogies and ear scratches any cat could handle, and napping on the floor held no attraction. I sat patiently at the door until my female human opened it to let me out.

I stopped on the sill. My female human "helped" me out with a gentle nudge under my tail. Of all the nerve! She shut the glass door behind me. I meowed pitifully to be let back in, but she ignored me. Eventually I tried to climb inside. That's when she saw me.

My female human had put me out, but not noticed the screen door was closed. So, I was trapped like peanut butter in a sandwich between the glass door and the sliding screen. She finally opened the glass door; I immediately fell on my nose.


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